join with us in this celebration of live music and Support the venues & bands that are still bringing the noise in 2016

UK Photographer, Filmmaker and Artist BEANZ in association with THE PLYMOUTH ART WEEKENDER

The Junction - start in the middle

Every journey must begin somewhere. The Junction is at the heart of Plymouth's live music scene and has provided a venue for both local and travelling acts with it's landlord and local promoter Dan James continuing to host shows that keep Plymouth on the live music map. I am proud to be able to use this venue as the central hub from which to start your journey. With everything from 3 times world DMC Champion Mr Switch to all day charity Hardcore festivals, travelling folk acts and album launch nights from the likes of local composer and trumpet player Simon Dobson and Westcountry Rockers King Colobus, there is a huge variety to capture and you will find it all on the walls here from 23-25 September.

THE Nowhere Inn - STOp, Look and listen

Today we live our lives in a world saturated with media. It is hard to pause and take time to simply be and reflect, and very easy to try and fill every waking moment. The Nowhere Inn is where the musicians themselves go to unwind. This intimate pub has provided the floor space in which many creative seeds have germinated and has been a favourite testing ground for new bands and an established venue for more experienced acts trying new material. Second home for such enigmatic acts as Monitor and host last year in what was surely the most eclectic line-up ever for the final day of the annual Punx Picnic, as well as hosting international touring acts such as Evan Greer, this exhibition is about the power of reflection and the value of telling stories and The Nowhere has more than its fair share of them.

THE Underground - mean it - keeping it real

Just across the road is The Underground. The sister venue to the Junction has provided the setting for many a legendary night with national touring and local acts playing to a hardcore of committed music fans in a unique subterranean club, showcasing music from the edges, with everything from Punk to performance art represented. It is a no nonsense music venue with wide fan base catering for new and established scenes from across the city and further. Magic nights with Subhumans, supported by a host of local punksters and blistering sets by the Ramonas as well as travelling Math Rock from Greece and Italy in the form of Zeus and Zolle.

images of the magic brought by you

As a photographer and artist I have been documenting things for nearly 30 years. For Live music photography to stand a chance of capturing anything memorable though, first it needs three ingredients to make it happen. The bands, the fans and the magic that is generated between them. Without you there is nothing , so take a bow, this show is as much about you, as it is about my work capturing those special moments.

  • musicians

    Many musicians will perform in a myriad of different line ups and genres without having a visual record of those gigs, festivals or recording sessions. I have done my best to document these as well as creating original art works that will stand as testament to their creative exploits in years to come.

  • FANS

    Firstly although I am actually also a musician, producer and performer myself I consider myself primarily as a fan. Fans are an essential ingredient in providing both an audience and the reciprocal energy the bands will feed off. I have always included this interaction as a vital element when documenting shows.

  • venues

    It is not easy to sustain a live music venue in 2016 and this show aims to pay homage to the efforts of the landlords and staff in sustaining the spaces in which live music can happen.

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